EW.com forces Scottish actor Gerard Butler to defend his heavy metal hairstyle

By Justine Elias
Updated January 31, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Gerard Butler, Attila
Credit: Attila: Aligimantas Babravicius


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Was Attila the Hun a merciless warrior (as most historians say) or just a distractingly handsome guy with a jones for ancient Rome? In taking the latter, less scholarly but more entertainment minded view, the USA network has spent $15 million on ”Attila,” a four hour miniseries (Jan. 30 and 31, 9 – 11 p.m.). Intrigued, EW.com phoned ”Attila”’s star, Scottish actor Gerard Butler, 30, (”Dracula 2000”), and asked him 10 stupid questions about the project.

”Warrior. Leader. Lover. Hun.” How cool is that?
Maybe they’re not the classiest of advertisements, but they’re getting the word out about ”Attila.”

Would it be wrong to think that the missing word is ”stud”?
The Huns typically had many, many wives, so when they went home, they were busy men, getting as much sex as they possibly could because they were away on the road for long periods of time.

Why do Huns get such a bad rap?
Not a lot is written about Huns by the Huns themselves. What’s known about them comes from the people they conquered — the Romans and Westerners — so the Huns have been painted very blackly through history.

Which was the best aspect of Attila -dom to play?
I’d have to say warrior. Not that I didn’t get a great deal of pleasure out of being a lover, but the battles we filmed in Lithuania were fantastic.

But what’s up with that skanky looking wig you were wearing?
Actually that hair was mostly MINE, I’ll have you know. The top was mine. The rest was extensions. You’ve REALLY put your foot in it now.

Okay, back to the ”Warrior, leader, lover? ”
Yeah. Let’s see what else you can f— up.

You were also in ”Dracula 2000,” right?
Could you tell we were writing it each day as we did it? ”Hey, change that scene! Today, you, Dracula, become a bat. No, today you become a … bowl of strawberries!”

How come you appear, in both movies, to be about a foot and a half taller than everybody else?
Well, [in ”Dracula 2000,”] Jonny Lee Miller is only 4 foot, 6. He has to do most of his acting on a big wooden box. That scene when I belted him in the face? It took him 16 feet in the air. It wasn’t difficult. He’s a midget.

How tall are you really?
I’m 6’2”. Wait! Don’t quote me on that. I’d better ask my publicist. ”Can I tell my real height?” So are you going to ask me a half decent question?

In a fight between ”Dracula 2000” and ”Attila,” who would win?
Now THAT’S a good question. Dracula would win, but Attila would deserve to win — for his pure passion and belief and his honor and complete fearlessness. Dracula 2000, however, being the most superpowered Dracula I’ve ever seen, would probably be able to kill Attila with a click of his fingers.

I’m sorry I insulted your hair.
I’ve worn wigs and I can understand people would think they were horrible, but I really dug that hair. You should see my hair now, it’s SO thick. I have ridiculously thick hair. I think when you see me, you’ll eat your words.


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