But at least the grub is free on the set of Rob Schneider's ''Animal''

By Marion Hart
January 29, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Haskell: Frank Masi

Now that Colleen Haskell is swimming with real sharks — shooting the summer comedy ”Animal” with Rob Schneider — life on Pulau Tiga doesn’t seem so bad. ”’Survivor’ was just a game,” says the Blistex pitchwoman, 24. ”But Hollywood is very cutthroat.”

Still, the ”Animal” set offers tasty grub, clean clothes, and shooting that breaks for medical emergencies: A studio medic actually doused a tiny scratch on her leg with iodine. Not so on ”Survivor,” where her insect devoured gams blistered for CBS’ ratings. ”When my bites got really bad,” she recalls, ”I asked the senior doctor what he could do and he said, ‘Tomorrow I’ll bring a camera.”’