The ''South Park'' boys, Tiffani Thiessen, and the XFL shake things up

By Ken Tucker
Updated January 29, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

? ”FAMILY FIRST” (Comedy Central) The ”South Park” guys doing a live action satire of the Bush family? Not even Katherine Harris could keep me away.

? ”WIT” (HBO) Mike Nichols directs Emma Thompson as a dying woman in Margaret Edson’s award winning play: next season’s sure shot dramatic movie.

? ”THE ARCHANGELS” (the WB) Elvis Costello is a cocreator of this series about a group of globetrotting female superagents (think ”Charlie’s Angels” crossed with ”Josie and the Pussycats”), with a new Costello song in every episode.

? ”THE TICK” (Fox) Campier than Adam West’s ”Batman,” this Tick — starring ”Seinfeld”’s Patrick Warburton and a witty cast — is startlingly funny.

? ”ME AND MY SHADOWS” (ABC) Judy Davis in a biopic about Judy Garland is enough to make even people who don’t buy into the Garland myth (me, me!) eager to see what this fearless actress will do.

? XFL (NBC) I’m no football fan, but there’s no way I’m not checking out wrestling czar Vince McMahon’s bang & crunch version of pigskin pummeling.

? ”LONE GUNMEN” (Fox) Can the ”X-Files” nerd trio (left) balance laughs and thrills? Hope so.

? TIFFANI THIESSEN?S SITCOM (ABC) A formerly overweight person slims down and returns to her hometown: the former Tiffani Amber = the future of T&A.

? ”THE OTHER HALF” (NBC) A male version of ”The View,” with Dick Clark in the Barbara Walters position. Destined for quick cancellation, but it’ll be fun to watch the dudes try to be both macho and dishy.

? ”SIX FEET UNDER” (HBO) From ”American Beauty”’s screenwriter, about the undertaking biz; could be transcendent in its bad taste.

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