A day-to-day guide to notable programs (times are Eastern standard and are subject to change)

By Dalton RossBruce FrettsCaroline Kepnes and Nicholas Fonseca
Updated January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Monday January 29

Modern Marvels: Survival Technology (History Channel, TV-G) ”A resourceful person looks at a paper clip and sees a fishhook.” That’s one of the nuggets of wisdom dispensed by host Rudy Boesch in this special on how to combat the elements. He should know, given he’s still fishing for gigs like this. C+

Tuesday January 30

Attila (USA, TV-14-V) That gladiator Maximus may have saved Rome, but just until a pesky Hun showed up. (Concludes Jan. 31)

Juvenile Justice (PBS) Frontline examines the diminishing role of rehabilitation, as an increasing number of youngsters are filtered through the adult court system. *Check Local Listings

18 Wheels Of Justice (TNN) It’s the role she was born to play! Real life trucker (and Survivor) Susan Hawk (left with Lucky Vanous) saddles into a big rig guest starring stint.

Wednesday January 31

One Kill (CBS, TV-PG-DLSV) This quirky Showtime produced drama stars Anne Heche (left) as a tough cookie and Sam Shepard as the cookie monster. While riddled with courtroom clichés, the clumsy dialogue makes it more funny bad than just plain bad. B- — Caroline Kepnes

Thursday February 1

Survivor: The Australian Outback (CBS) Friends, what’s that?

Conversations In World Cinema: Ed Harris (Sundance Channel, TV-PG-L) No doubt he’s here in part to promote his directorial debut, Pollock, but maybe if we’re lucky someone will sneak in a few Milk Money questions, just for fun.

From Swastika To Jim Crow (PBS, TV-PG) A documentary on Jewish professors who fled Nazi Germany to end up teaching at all-black colleges in the South. *Check Local Listings

Friday February 2

The White River Kid (Starz!, TV-R) Antonio Banderas (left) and Bob Hoskins play con men traveling through Arkansas selling ”socks for God” — and they wonder why this 1999 comedy never got released in the U.S. The wacky duo are made to pay for their sins when they are taken hostage by Wes Bentley and his dullard girlfriend. The misadventures begin, but sadly, the laughs don’t. C+ — Cherise Bathersfield

Saturday February 3

Xena: Warrior Princess (TV-PG-V) Xena is summoned to kill the one and only Caligula. Wonder if she saw his movie? *Check Local Listings

Series Debut 10-10:30AM
Disney’s Lloyd In Space (ABC) Brian Doyle-Murray and Clancy Brown provide voices for this animated teen alien series, but unless you dig cinematic second bananas, such info probably won’t mean much.

Dancing In September (HBO, TV-MA) An African American woman creates a hit sitcom, and then ruins it by adding lame characters. Sounds like Ted McGinley syndrome to us.

Sunday February 4

Jackie, Ethel, Joan: Women Of Camelot (NBC, TV-PG) The steel spined wives of America’s longest running soap opera finally get their moment in the Eastern Seaboard sun with this engrossing miniseries, based on J. Randy Taraborrelli’s best seller. The setup, a sort of Top 10 Tragedies countdown covering familiars like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Chappaquiddick, feels too easy. But the sturdy performances, gorgeous direction, and Lauren Holly’s (above center with Jill Hennessy as Jackie and Leslie Stefanson as Joan) go for broke portrayal of neurotic Ethel — which just misses making the Camp Hall of Fame — combine to make this February sweeps’ guiltiest pleasure. (Concludes Feb. 5) B+ Nicholas Fonseca <!