Commercials Go Cyber

By Glenn Gaslin
Updated January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Who needs the Super Bowl anyway? All that running back and forth. All that math. For many of the 100 million or so watching CBS Jan. 28, the guys in cleats will just get in the way of the extravagant 30-second films — those highly anticipated commercials — pitching beer and pants. But websites that treat ads as the main attraction may soon render watching The Big Game unnecessary. (super lets you view commercials from the last three Bowls and will post those from Super Bowl XXXV within a day or two afterward. And (, an online megaplex for TV ads, plans an aggressive blitz against 40 to 50 of the game’s spots, says founder and CEO Peter Beckman. The site will post the ads online 30 minutes after they air, throwing in a few that were rejected by CBS or were broadcast only in local markets. But when will start advertising its service with a multimillion-dollar Super Bowl spot of its own? Says Beckman: ”Look for that next year.”