By Troy Patterson
Updated January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Sounds Like Fun Starring Gerald McBoing Boing (1950-56, Columbia TriStar, 29 mins., unrated) Sprung from the brain of Dr. Seuss and vivified by the guys at UPA (the revolutionary cartoonists behind Mr. Magoo), Master McBoing Boing is, just maybe, the most charming freak of the 20th century. The boy doesn’t speak English. Or Esperanto, for that matter. To the consternation of his parents, the scorn of his peers, and the wheeling bewilderment of top-hatted M.D.s, his voice box only issues sound effects. Cuckoo. The first of these four shorts — describing Gerald’s arc from misunderstood outcast to radio superstar — won an Oscar, but the best is the stellar ”Gerald McBoing Boing on Planet Moo,” a comedy about translation, tourism, and alien abduction that zooms and twirls through an elastic galaxy of minimalist cool — pictures worth nearly a googol chirps. A