Marrying Madonna, releasing his second movie — all in a month's work for 'Snatch' director Guy Ritchie

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Snatch (2000)

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”I’ve got the missus waiting for me,” apologizes Guy Ritchie, concluding a chat in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The 32-year-old British filmmaker has just sat for almost an hour talking about his new movie, Snatch, a snappy crime caper set in London’s seedy East End demimonde. At least he’s been trying to talk about it.

And, sure, we were interested. We asked some questions about the movie. But then we got back to the more important stuff.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY So, marry any internationally famous pop divas lately?

RITCHIE As a matter of fact …

EW We ask that question of everyone we interview. Really, what’s it like being married to Madonna? Does she fix your supper wearing hair curlers and big fuzzy slippers?

RITCHIE She’s a terrible cook. Really bad. She could probably get good at it if she put her mind to it. But we eat well anyway.

EW There’s a rumor that you’re going to cast her as the lead in your next movie.

RITCHIE Not true. At some stage we probably will work together. I’d love to direct her. She’s tremendously capable, but she needs strong direction. She’s such an intimidating individual, the only way to direct her would be to grab her by the balls, so to speak. So, sure, I would love to embark on a project with her in the future, just not the next project.

EW Let’s talk about the title of your new film. Does the word have the same double meaning in England?

RITCHIE Yeah, it does. I wanted the title to be the antithesis of my last movie’s title. The idea with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels was to come up with a title that was so long people would talk about it — even if what they talked about was that nobody could remember what it was. But with Snatch, we went the other way. We came up with the shortest.

EW The studio must have been thrilled.

RITCHIE At first they said we couldn’t use it. They said it was rude, vulgar, disgusting. They wanted to change it to Snatched. Finally they said okay.

EW A lot of people have been commenting on the similarities between Snatch and Lock, Stock, and whatever it’s called. They are kind of alike, no?

RITCHIE I wanted to do something in the same vein because I’m trying to establish my identity as a director. And also because I felt there was another film to be made in the London underworld — although at first I thought this would be a more serious film. It sort of mutated into a comedy. The cast and crew were just such jolly fellows, it was impossible to stop it.

EW Which accounts for Brad Pitt’s over-the-top accent …

RITCHIE He has the best lines in the film — he has some cracking lines — but nobody can understand him. Critics have given him such a hard time for his accents — how his Austrian accent [in Seven Years in Tibet] wasn’t up to scratch. So he and I decided to give the character something totally incoherent. It seems to work.

EW Let’s talk about Madonna some more.

RITCHIE I’ve got the missus waiting for me.

Snatch (2000)

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  • 104 minutes
  • Guy Ritchie