'Saving Silverman' gets digitally re-clothed

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Here’s the not-so-naked truth about Saving Silverman: The trailer for the comedy, due Feb. 16, has been caught in a cover-up. Seems that two scenes in the PG-13 film, about two pals trying to rescue Jason Biggs from marrying the wrong woman, were deemed too risqué by the MPAA for a trailer aimed at general audiences. So a pair of blue briefs were digitally painted onto a naked, yoga-practicing Steve Zahn. And Amanda Peet‘s cleavage-revealing outfit, described by director Dennis Dugan as ”pneumonia-inducing,” was turned into something fit for the PAX Network. Why not ax the scenes rather than spend $30,000 to fix them? ”Once you’ve hammered, argued, yelled, listened to 300 opinions, and finally have the trailer that tests great,” says Dugan, ”you’d rather pay the price than lose the shot.”

Saving Silverman
  • Movie
  • PG-13
  • 90 minutes
  • Dennis Dugan