Elvis: That’s the Way It Is — Special Edition Documentary (Warner, PG)The King. In Vegas. Remastered. And you thought he was dead. B

Godzilla 2000 Takehiro Murata (Columbia TriStar, PG) The ‘Zilla’s latest pits him against what seems to be a large flying bedpan (actually a UFO). B Nuremberg Alec Baldwin (Warner, unrated) This history lesson/court-room drama showcases Brian Cox as Nazi honcho Hermann Göring. B+

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Battlefield Earth (Warner, PG-13) Remember how we mocked Travolta’s dreadlocked sci-fi meltdown when it hit theaters? Well, that was nothing …

Urban Legends: Final Cut (Columbia TriStar, R) Hey, remember that urban legend about the guy in the fencing mask who kills film students? Neither do we.

Dr T. & the Women (Artisan, R) Who’s the white OB/GYN who’s a sex machine with all the chicks? Gere! Damn right. Or so says helmer Robert Altman.

Rated X (Showtime, R/unrated) What’s sleazier than porn? Watching Charlie Sheen make porn, as famed skin-lenser Artie Mitchell in this cable biopic.

Seamless (Artisan, R) What’s sleazier than Rated X? You, watching this druggy Shannon Elizabeth rave fable. Alone.

Dr. T & the Women

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