January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

[This article consists of quotes — see below]

”I played a ghetto version of [Dungeons & Dragons]. I didn’t play it with the rule book and all that. Mine was more like ‘Projects and Pitbulls.’ My Dungeon Master was a guy named Eric B., who would sit there and smoke weed and make up a dungeon … The higher he got, the better the game got.” — Dungeons & Dragons’ Marlon Wayans on his approach to the game, on EW.com

”When they shaved my head for Saving Private Ryan, [I found out] I have scars all over my head. I think they’re just ‘little brother scars,’ standard ‘getting smashed into walls by my brother’ stuff … When they took the clippers to [my hair], they were all laughing … and the lady asked me if I was a little brother. [I said yes] before I knew what she was talking about.” — All the Pretty Horses’ Matt Damon on his personal scar tissue, on Mr. Showbiz

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