January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Let’s face it: Postmillennial planning is a cosmic pain. Whatever happened to that much-anticipated apocalypse? Nothing, unless you count Dude, Where’s My Car? And wasn’t this the year we were supposed to embark on a Kubrickian space odyssey, complete with bone-throwing apes? Guess not — unless you count Dude, Where’s My Car? Thus, a calendar of 2001’s entertainment offerings might seem risky. Nevertheless, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY dauntlessly compiled this handy agenda of events for the coming year: Liz Taylor will star in a TV movie! William Shatner will turn 70! (But he won’t be buying his Ensure on Priceline anymore.) Warren Beatty’s long-awaited, once-stolen comedy, Town & Country, will finally grace the silver screen. Maybe. (We might as well say it now: All dates are subject to change.) So follow along as we map out the year, month by month, come HAL or high water.



On the Web: Elizabeth Wurtzel’s e-book, Radical Sanity: Commonsense Advice for Uncommon Women

The Jim Carrey comedy Me, Myself & Irene out on DVD

Jennifer Lopez’s new album, J. Lo, is released


VH1 original movie: Strange Frequency


Opening: The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey


Something to do while waiting for the premiere of Survivor: The Australian Outback — Super Bowl XXXV, on CBS


SAG Award nominations are announced.

Arthur’s Storybook and Arthur’s Mystery Files in video stores

Vitamin C’s new album, More, is released

The Spike Lee Collection (three films) out on DVD


Hollywood Black Film Festival, in Culver City, Calif. (through Feb. 4)



Network sweeps begin! Stunts include the 150th episode of ER.

02.02 Groundhog Day

Opening: Invisible Circus, starring Cameron Diaz


The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament, on CBS (concludes Feb. 4)


The 51st NHL All-Star Game, on ABC


ABC original movie Inside the Osmonds


In bookstores: A Painted House, John Grisham’s serialized novel (Doubleday)

Rod Stewart’s CD Human

Barenaked Ladies on tour. First date: Buffalo’s Shea’s Performing Arts Center


CFDA Fashion Week begins, fall collections 2001, in New York (through Feb. 16)


Opening: Hannibal, with Julianne Moore, and Head Over Heels

The Powerpuff Girls special ”Meet the Beat Alls,” a tribute to the Fab Four, on the Cartoon Network


American International Toy Fair, at New York’s Javits Center (through Feb. 15)

Series debut XFL, where the WWF meets the NFL, on TNN (through April 8)


ABC original movie These Old Broads, with Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds

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