January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Rick Moody, the 39-year-old author of Purple America and The Ice Storm, collected 13 short stories in the new Demonology (Little, Brown, $24.95). Then he let journalists track snow into his girlfriend’s Brooklyn apartment. — Troy Patterson

Tired Description of Characteristic Themes ”Suburban angst.” — Kirkus Reviews

Attire Deep blue corduroy shirt, black jeans, black loafers.

Beverage Celestial Seasonings’ Roastaroma Herb Tea.

Attitude Toward Short Fiction ”Novel writing requires a total commitment of my psychology and personality, so the stories become logical as a relief from that tremendous undertaking. Also, I can be more experimental or fanciful with form.”

Fanciest Experiment in the New Book ”Wilkie Fahnstock: The Boxed Set” — the playlist and liner notes of a 10-volume mix tape. ”I made the tapes first and worked backwards,” Moody says. ”That story cost $3,000.”

Pet Peeve ”There’s one question that I loathe: ‘Do you like the movie The Ice Storm?’ Four years later, who gives a s—? Ask Ang Lee how he likes the book.”

Future Plans Finishing ”a genealogical memoir thing … It’s about this guy who was the ostensible subject for a Hawthorne story called ‘The Minister’s Black Veil,’ Joseph Moody, who killed a friend and later wore a veil out of remorse.”

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