Colleen Haskell tries swimming with the sharks — the Hollywood sharks, that is

By Marion Hart
January 26, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Now that Colleen Haskell (left) is swimming with real sharks — shooting the summer comedy Animal with Rob Schneider — life on Pulau Tiga doesn’t seem so bad. ”Survivor was just a game,” says the Blistex pitchwoman, 24. ”But Hollywood is very cutthroat.” Still, the Animal set offers tasty grub, clean clothes, and shooting that breaks for medical emergencies: A studio medic actually doused a tiny scratch on her leg with iodine. Not so on Survivor, where her insect-devoured gams blistered for CBS’ ratings. ”When my bites got really bad,” she recalls, ”I asked the senior doctor what he could do and he said, ‘Tomorrow I’ll bring a camera.”’