Plus, Phil Spector will produce Sean Lennon's next disc

By Chris Willman
January 22, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Dru Hill: John Kelly/Retna

DRU LOVE As previously reported in EW, the long promised Dru Hill album, which was to have capitalized on Sisqó’s rise to solo stardom during their time off, is a no go. But there apparently will be a reunion in 2001. ”The year we spent apart made it so nobody could talk to each other,” explains Sisqó of their aborted meetings. ”If somebody’s breath was stinking or somebody farted, you ain’t even wanting to say, ‘Damn, that was nasty’ — you’d sooner walk out of the room so he could wallow in it. Jazz threatened to kill me, Nokio threatened to kill me, then I told them they can shove Dru Hill up their a–.”

But wait! ”The cool thing is that we still get along,” Sisqó adds. Huh? ”They’re going on tour with me this summer. I know what I said sounds harsh, but in my neighborhood, that’s how we talk to each other.” The tentative plan is for the group to do a mini set of hits toward the end of Sisqó’s show. Note to promoters: Stock the greenroom with Altoids.

LIKE FATHER… Imagine Phil Spector making another album; it’s easy if you try. The world’s most legendary producer hasn’t been heard from much in the last decade or two, though he did emerge from seclusion to help publicize the rerelease of John Lennon’s ”Imagine,” which he helmed in 1971.

But Spector is headed back to the studio — and keeping it in the family. Sources say Sean Lennon visited him with girlfriend Bijou Phillips last month and, after playing some demos, left with the Wall of Sound builder’s promise to produce his second album. (Spector confirms the two will collaborate this year.) Now if Lennon and Phillips would only form a celebrity offspring supergroup with Spector’s girlfriend, Nancy Sinatra.