By EW Staff
Updated January 19, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

The tired New Age sounds of ENYA‘s A Day Without Rain, exchange it for AIR‘s hipper instrumentals on the Virgin Suicides soundtrack.

THE BEATLES 1 singles set, put the cream of the Fab Four’s crop in context with Revolver and Rubber Soul.

The career-spanning collection of retro rock on LENNY KRAVITZ‘s Greatest Hits, explore the fresher, folkier grooves on BEN HARPER‘s Burn to Shine.

Overwrought pop-country on TIM McGRAW‘s Greatest Hits, cash it in for JOHNNY CASH‘s masterful, more subtle covers album, American III: Solitary Man.

Chocolate Starfish, LIMP BIZKIT‘s repetitive rap-metal hybrid, try a funkier breed of ‘brid with INFECTIOUS GROOVES‘ 1994 Groove Family Cyco.

A Day Without Rain

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