The "sitting lady" silhouette is sitting pretty as this year's rock star chic's "it" girl

By Joe Dziemianowicz
Updated January 19, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

She’s baack. The bodacious ”Sitting Lady” silhouette, the Convoy-era trucker mascot who adorned the mud flaps of 18-wheelers, is now showing up on big wheels of another sort. Stars from Christina Aguilera to Milla Jovovich are sporting the Mud Flap Girl on everything from necklaces to belts. How’s that for coming up from the gutter?

Joe Dziemianowicz

Mid- to late ’70s
The curvy silhouette debuts, according to Mike Filiatreau, exec VP of Barjan Products. ”We sold a lot of them,” he says, adding that her figure was pretty far-fetched. ”I don’t think there’s many human women walking around looking like that.”

This Is Spi¨al Tap‘s washed-up rocker David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) salutes the rear view in ”Big Bottom”: ”Talk about mud flaps, my gal’s got ’em.”

The lady of the lanes cameos in Thelma & Louise, appearing on a big rig driven by a lewd, rude trucker — T&L later blow that sucker up.

The Mud Flap Girl goes rock-star chic. She’s ”very new and the hot thing,” says Joe Freeburn, co-owner of the L.A. store Kitson. Metal rocker Rob Zombie had Mud Flap Girl lapel pins custom-made. Hip Chix jeans, available at L.A.’s Forplay, have Mud Flap Girl pockets.

”She’s a really sexy girl,” says White Trash Charms jewelry designer Brooke Dulien. She’s also nostalgic. ”I totally remember her from road trips,” continues Dulien. ”I have 70-year-old ladies stop me saying ‘Hey, I remember her.”’