January 19, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Fortune’s Rocks Anita Shreve (Back Bay, $13.95, first published in 1999) From the author of the best-selling The Pilot’s Wife comes a lush novel about a privileged New England family and the daughter who defies high-society conventions.

I May Not Get There With You Michael Eric Dyson (Touchstone, $15, 2000) Dyson, an ordained Baptist minister and college professor, examines the flaws and feats of Martin Luther King Jr.

Flu Gina Kolata (Touchstone, $14, 1999) Science reporter Kolata grippingly recounts the great flu epidemic of 1918 that killed an estimated 40 million people.

Lost in the Funhouse Bill Zehme (Delta, $13.95, 1999) The enigmatic comedian Andy Kaufman becomes a little less so in Zehme’s fascinating biography.

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