Several DVDs feature hidden extras — or "Easter eggs" — in addition to the usual goodies. Here's a hunting guide:

January 19, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

X-Men (1) The Process An easy one to start off with, for you non X-perts: On ”Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots,” click on the rose embedded in the menu. The Payoff A short scene featuring a jokey cameo by another leotard-clad Marvel Comics superhero.

Magnolia and Boogie Nights The Process Fast forward through the ”Color Bars” option on both discs. The Payoff Outtakes and bloopers from each film. Magnolia includes John C. Reilly’s cheeky interpretation of Aimee Mann’s ”Wise Up”; Boogie Nights boasts test shots of the famed prosthetic penis.

Gladiator (2) The Process From the ”trailers & TV spots” menu on disc 2, click on the eagle emblazoned on Richard Harris’ armor. The Payoff A literal egg: a humorous Gladiator-style ad for Chicken Run.

Terminator 2: The Ultimate Edition (3) The Process There are a few, but this one yields the coolest: Select ”Special Edition” on the main menu, then highlight ”Play Special Edition.” Punch in 82997 (Judgment Day’s date) on your remote (you can enter the numbers either all together or separately), and wait for the ”Play Extended Special Edition” box to pop up. Whew! The Payoff A third cut of the movie with a previously unseen coda set in Los Angeles, 2029, featuring Linda Hamilton with some truly bad old-age makeup. No wonder they terminated it.

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