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January 19, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Survivor: The Australian Outback doesn’t debut until Jan. 28, but CBS is already gearing up for a third adventure in the wild. Producer Mark Burnett says he’s begun exploring destinations. ”We’ve been scouting in South America and Africa,” Burnett tells EW. ”The location needs to be an icon like Borneo or the Australian outback.” One dangerous locale we won’t see: Iceland. Explains Burnett, ”You can’t have bikinis there” — which is obviously a deal breaker considering Survivor 2’s cuties. (”What a beautiful cast,” says Survivor 1’s Jenna Lewis. ”But let’s see how they look after 39 days.”) Burnett is also considering a showdown between the two tribes. ”Obviously, the first cast is pushing to do that.” But telling them apart might be tough, judging by the Aussie crew’s online bios. Here are equations to help distinguish some of the outbackers.

William Keck and Josh Wolk


JEFF VARNER, 34 = JOEL (SURVIVOR) x JOSH (BIG BROTHER) + PETS.COM PUPPET Internet project manager; ideal date begins with hike, ends with ”great sex”

AMBER BRKICH, 22 = DIRK (SURVIVOR) + JAMIE (BIG BROTHER) x AMAYA (REAL WORLD: HAWAII) Administrative assistant; practicing Catholic; ex-Alpha Gamma Delta VP

RODGER BINGHAM, 53 = B.B. (SURVIVOR) + SONJA (SURVIVOR) ÷ SACRIFICIAL LAMB Kentucky high school shop teacher; married 33 years; workaholic

MITCHELL OLSON, 23 = GREG (SURVIVOR) x GHEORGHE MURESAN + CARSON DALY Zany seven-foot singer-songwriter; has a crush on Britney Spears

JERRI MANTHEY, 30 = JENNA (SURVIVOR) + MELINA KANAKAREDES x JAMES LIPTON Wild-haired L.A. actress; earnestly name-drops her acting coach

MICHAEL SKUPIN, 38 = RICH (SURVIVOR) x RON POPEIL + BRAD PITT’S MOM Head of software, motivational speaking firms; fave film: Meet Joe Black

Jeff Probst leads adventures in the ultimate (and original) reality series.
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