Tobey Maguire becomes our favorite nerd superhero; plans to play Spiderman, too

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Action Adventure ,
January 19, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Columbia’s Spider-Man isn’t due until May 3, 2002, but the usual web of secrecy is missing. ”We want to save some surprises,” says director Sam Raimi. ”But we’re not going to torture the audience.” In fact, the studio has released this exclusive first look at a Spidey-suited Tobey Maguire — yep, that’s him in the formfitting body glove designed by Oscar winner James Acheson. ”It took a little getting used to,” admits the newly buff 25-year-old, who will be leaping and swinging Crouching Tiger-style via wires and special effects. No kung fu, though. ”I can personally do any style of fighting they ask,” jokes Maguire. ”But no, we gotta stick to the comic.”

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