By EW Staff
Updated January 12, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

”There are only two things I totally trust in this entire world: the fact that I will never be able to understand what Charo is saying no matter how long she lives in this country, and you.” Lorelai (LAUREN GRAHAM) to daughter Rory (ALEXIS BLEDEL), on Gilmore Girls

”I’m not afraid of that brainless breast post.” Peter (JOHN BARROWMAN), regarding stepmom Heather (Yasmine Bleeth), on Titans

”You guys swept through high school like Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner. I was more like the guy who played Wojehowicz on Barney Miller.” Ed (TOM CAVANAGH), about Carol (JULIE BOWEN) and her jock ex-boyfriend (GRANT SHOW), on Ed

”George W. Bush met with Alan Greenspan, the head of the Federal Reserve. The meeting went really well, except for the fact that Bush thought the Federal Reserve was what he joined to get out of going to Vietnam.” CONAN O’BRIEN on Late Night