By Joe Dziemianowicz
Updated January 12, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Th!nk bike fun, a $995 battery-powered bicycle that debuted in July from Th!nk Mobility, an environmentally friendly division of Ford Motor Co. (think Razors: The Next Generation).

SPIN CONTROL Every time you pedal, ”it feels like someone’s giving you a boost,” says spokesman Brendan Prebo. But no free rides: If you stop pedaling, the motor shuts off. Ditto when you brake or hit 20 mph.

CURRENT EVENTS You can go 22 miles on a fully juiced battery.

WHIRLED FAMOUS Singer Charlotte Church got a blue bike (other colors include red, white, and silver) as a birthday gift from Ford. The soprano’s vocal cords must be more kick-ass than her calves.

UNSOLICITED IDEA FOR A SPOKESPERSON Wizard of Oz meanie Miss Gulch, with the slogan, ”Our wheels put a smile on any face.”