A weekly spin on the Web

By Noah Robischon
Updated January 12, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

I DO THEE WEB Hard to fathom the lighter side of planning a wedding, but Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey will try to make a laugh of it later this month in The Wedding Planner (sony. com/weddingplanner/ — not to be confused with the other official website, http://www.wedding-planner-movie.com). The website will offer the soon-to-be betrothed some real advice, however, in the form of a four-episode animated sitcom by thoughtbubble productions and the online marriage experts from TheKnot.com. The series, a cute but stereotypical take on the horrors of an overbearing mother and a dopey groom, isn’t likely to increase anyone’s interest in seeing the movie. But with Lopez starring, what more do you need?

KNIGHT MOVES At first glance, the Octium IV microprocessor demo (octiumchip. com) looks like just another gob of silicon snake oil — it powers hovercars, after all. But X-Philes will discover some titillating clues strewn about the straitlaced corporate website (e-com-con.com). Wasn’t senior VP of technical relations Suzanne Modeski at a tech show in ’99, or am I just being paranoid? The answers to these questions, and plenty more, will be hacked out by the Lone Gunmen — the trio of nerdy knights who always rescue Fox Mulder — when their spin-off show of the same name premieres March 4.

LONG LIVE THE KING To celebrate Elvis Presley’s birthday Jan. 8 (he’d be 66), Turner Classic Movies is releasing a special-edition DVD of the concert film Elvis: That’s the Way It Is with enough new footage to make a hound dog howl. The truly obsessed, though, will want to visit Turner’s Elvis-tribute site (turnerclassicmovies.com) to see two clips from the concert that aren’t included on the DVD and will be shown exclusively online. Even if you’re not an Elvis impersonator, this site will get you all shook up — there’s a video jukebox full of trailers for such films as Blue Hawaii, Jailhouse Rock, and Speedway. Plus, you might win a trip to Graceland (elvis.com/graceland/).

GATES OF HEAVEN Tricking audiences with fake websites is so 1999. The true heirs to The Blair Witch Project realize that webheads will knowingly embrace a fictional story just for the fun of it — which is the idea behind the pseudo-documentary MacArthur Park (macarthurpark.com). The film follows a grassroots coalition as it attempts to uncover the conspiracy behind the political assassination of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. The billionaire is alive, of course, but after engaging in the startlingly detailed websites devoted to the killing (garcettireport. org, citizensfortruth.org, billgatesisdead.com), you’ll want to play along with the wild plot anyhow.

NEUROTRASH After seeing The Matrix, many followers of sci-fi author William Gibson (Neuromancer) wondered whether the godfather of cyberspace would love or hate it. The definitive answer is now available: In the afterword of the new 488-page tome The Art of the Matrix (Newmarket Press), Gibson says, ”Keanu’s Neo is my favorite-ever science fiction hero, absolutely.”