Plus, Steve Miller allows Run DMC to sample his wares

By Tom Sinclair
Updated January 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

TINY ‘TOONS We were as bummed as anyone else when Kid Rock’s diminutive sidekick Joe C died last year, but we’re happy to report that the clock is still ticking on the foulmouthed little rascal’s 15 minutes of fame: Look for him (in cartoon form) in the Farrelly Brothers’ upcoming partially animated film, ”Osmosis Jones,” due this summer. Thanks to the movie’s premise, he’ll be smaller than ever.

”The entire film takes place inside Bill Murray’s body,” says Bradley Thomas, who’s coproducing the flick with the Farrellys. ”Kid Rock and Joe C play blood cells who go undercover to this club in his liver where they perform a song [‘Daddy Cool’]. Believe me, it’s the most original movie you’ll ever see.”

Needless to say, the song was recorded prior to Joe C’s death. Says Kid Rock DJ Uncle Kracker of C’s posthumous performance: ”For some people, I guess it would seem like bad taste to have him in a movie after he’s dead, but Joe wouldn’t see it that way. He would have wanted his face on the big screen. Like he used to say, ‘Wherever you go, that’s where you are.”’

‘RUN’ FOR COVER He licensed ”Fly Like an Eagle” to both pop singer Seal and the U.S. Postal Service, but rocker Steve Miller has long been opposed to hip hop acts’ sampling or covering his songs. So when Arista exec Pete Ganbarg called Miller’s publishing company about letting Run DMC release a version of his 1976 hit ”Take the Money and Run” that the group had cut with Everlast, the initial answer was a flat ”no.”

Says Linda Komorsky, who handles Miller’s publishing rights: ”I said, ‘This is just not going to happen, tell them to choose somebody else’s song.’ And [Ganbarg] kept calling me back, saying ‘Please, just listen to the tape.”’ Komorsky relented, and, after hearing the track, played it for Miller.

Abra, abracadabra, the song just reached out and grabbed him. ”He liked what they did,” confirms Komorsky. ”This is the first time he’s allowed a group like this to do one of his songs.” The track will be included on Run DMC’s upcoming album, ”Crown Royal,” due Feb. 13. (The Geto Boys — whom Miller successfully sued for sampling his ”The Joker” back in 1990 — were unavailable for comment.)