Plus, the latest quotes from Juliette Binoche, Marlon Wayans, Benjamin Bratt, and more
Sandra Bullock
Credit: Bullock: Armando Gallo/Retna

Sandra Bullock was lucky enough to walk away unscathed from a small plane crash last month in Jackson Hole, Wyo., but that wasn’t the first time the 36 year old star of ”Miss Congeniality” (in theaters) had an air related mishap. has Bullock’s bloody tale of how one fast move on a private plane left her slightly bruised and mighty embarrassed. Plus, keep reading for the latest witty ponderings from Hollywood’s A list.

”I’m not just clumsy. I injure myself. I was flying to a press junket for ”Hope Floats” on this private plane with Harry Connick Jr. and a bunch of other people. I ran to get my bag, turned around, and all I remember is this flash of light and then my glasses went flying. I had no idea what had happened. And Harry just said, ‘Nobody say anything. She just ran into the wing.’ There was blood everywhere. I had cut the skin above my eye open. And there was no first aid kit, so we found a bottle of vodka and I cut up some Band-Aids and did a butterfly bandage over the cut. I had a black eye, so I couldn’t even do the press junket.”
–SANDRA BULLOCK, on why she has a natural talent for pratfalls

”I like the energy in New York. I feel more comfortable there than I do in Paris. I’ve done four movies recently in France, but I think the French like it more when I go away.”
–”Chocolat” star JULIETTE BINOCHE, who’s currently starring in a Broadway revival of Harold Pinter’s ”Betrayal”

”Really, do most male stars want to work with woman directors? I do believe prejudice exists. They like Nora Ephron, they like Penny Marshall, but mostly they’re directed by other men. I think things are better than when I started 20 years ago, but there’s not real equality.”
–NANCY MEYERS, director of the Mel Gibson comedy ”What Women Want,” on sexism in Hollywood

”I could never get cast as an American, because even if I could work on the accent, I’m told that I look European. I’ve had some wonderful characters to play, but I sometimes think, ‘What if I was born in America?’ My life would have been different.”
–Swedish actress LENA OLIN (”Chocolat”), on why she usually plays femmes fatales in U.S. movies

”I played a ghetto version of Dungeons & Dragons. I didn’t play it with the rulebook and all that. Mine was more like ‘Projects & Pitbulls.’ My Dungeon Master was a guy named Eric B., who would sit there and smoke weed and make up a dungeon. The higher he got, the better the game got.”
–”Dungeons & Dragons” star MARLON WAYONS, on his creative approach to the popular board game

”Tom Hanks, who was losing weight for ‘Cast Away,’ and I shared the same doctor. This doctor is really mean. He tried to make it as interesting as he could, but everyone else was being brought these mounds of food to keep them going at the high altitude, and my assistant would bring me a rice cake and six almonds for a snack.”
–”Proof of Life” star DAVID MORSE, on losing 25 pounds to play a hostage

”Sandra Bullock sends great gift baskets, which is important. We all like to get these free gift baskets. Sometimes they’re good, so it’s disappointing when you get this old chunk of Velveeta and you think, ‘Well, they could have done better than THAT.”’
–”Miss Congeniality” star CANDICE BERGEN, on the pros and cons of receiving thank you gifts from film producers

”The last video I rented was ‘Bound.’ I’m trying to do my homework on the Wachowski Brothers. I want to be in ‘The Matrix’ sequels! How cool would that be? Yeah, I’ve met with them. I’m ready to get active.”
–”Traffic” star and ”Law & Order” veteran BENJAMIN BRATT, on what he hopes his next project will be