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By Noah Robischon
Updated January 05, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Yeoh: Chan Kam Chuen

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun-Fat have Web presence

”Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” is creeping up on box office success like a stealth ninja — which is to say, without much fanfare. But the kung fu Oscar contender is already kicking butt online. In fact, a hammerfist strike of traffic brought the official website to its knees last month. Still, as robust as the site is, it only grazes the surface; the film’s cast and crew have high flying websites of their own.

? Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre
Yeoh is best known to Americans as the babe on the back of 007’s motorbike in ”Tomorrow Never Dies.” But ”Tiger”’s star swordswoman has been knocking out Hong Kong cine fans for more than a decade, and this site’s photo laden filmography stretches back to the former Miss Malaysia’s 1984 debut in ”The Owl vs. Bumbo.” The multimedia assets include easy to download fight clips, but to truly appreciate this actress’ talent, click on the theme song from 1993’s ”Butterfly & Sword” — it’s sung by Yeoh as sound effects from her fight scenes play in the background. A

? Chow Yun Fat: God of Actors
After seeing the swift hero in ”Tiger,” it’s easy to forget that Chow is most famous for his role as the dapper but deadly assassin in John Woo’s action flicks. Although only haphazardly updated during the past year, this retrospective lists Chow’s television work going back to 1975, and it links to profiles of the actor from around the world — but it somehow neglects to aptly translate the word hunk. C

? Zhang Ziyi Forever
”Tiger”’s rebellious babe in training is sure to pierce hearts everywhere. The reviews, bio, and modeling photos on this site are sparse but sweet. A

? The Ice Storm
Despite the amazing range of ”Tiger” director Ang Lee’s films (”Sense and Sensibility,” ”The Wedding Banquet”), there aren’t any worthwhile sites dedicated to his multifaceted work. But Fox Searchlight Pictures maintains a sensuously Flash animated site for 1997’s ”The Ice Storm,” which includes a fine biography of Lee and ”Tiger” coscreenwriter James Schamus. B

? Woo Ping Yuen
Master fight scene choreographer Yuen and the visual effects crew from ”The Matrix” teamed once again for ”Tiger.” As this website shows, Yuen’s been perfecting those otherworldly leaps for years in such films as ”Iron Monkey,” ”Drunken Master,” and ”Black Mask.” This first person appreciation includes a movie poster filmography and a page full of video clips of fight scenes. Don’t try these stunts on your trampoline at home. A

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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