By EW Staff
January 05, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Daria’s Inferno may look heavenly, but this CD-ROM game is nothing short of a trip to H-E-L-L. It starts out impressively enough like a real episode from the MTV animated series Daria, but quickly descends into a catchphrase abyss when the sick sad gang from Lawndale plunges into the depths of Hades during a lecture on Dante’s Inferno. In order to escape the five circles, they leak clues to help Daria (below) recover missing items from Principal Li’s arsenal, including a hall pass — ”the key to authorized freedom and bathroom use” for all who possess it. The journey is fraught with dangerous challenges, like avoiding cheerleaders in the halls. But the most annoying obstacle is listening to the mind-numbingly repetitious characters, voiced by the actual cast. The most important element missing from this infernal game (Simon & Schuster Interactive, for PC and Mac, $19.95) is a match — so that you can torch it when you’re done playing. C-