Nelly is hustles no more -- Why we can?t stop talking about the new singer

By Corey Takahashi
Updated December 23, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

If You Haven’t Heard Of Him… …you haven’t been listening to pop radio. The St. Louis rapper gripped the summer like a sweaty mic with his five-times-platinum CD Country Grammar — and minted more hip-hop sing-alongs than a Naughty by Nature concert.
Moment Of Arrival Sharing a Dallas stage with rap vets Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri. And his choreography and crotch grabbing at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. ”I have a tendency,” he explains, ”to sag a little bit.”
When He Knew He Had A Hit The original version of ”Country Grammar (Hot S—)” sold thousands of copies ”straight out the trunk” in St. Louis.
What Fame Has Brought ”Being able to stop hustling…to be able to breathe now — you know what I’m saying? As Whitney Houston says, ‘Exhale.”’
What’s Next A group album, due next year, from the St. Lunatics, a collection of his homeys. He’ll also play a rapper in the upcoming movie Snipes and has plans to start his own label.