Colin Farrell bares all -- The ''Tigerland'' star?s view on Hollywood and his new roles

By Steve Daly
December 23, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Moment of Arrival When Joel Schumacher’s Vietnam-era boot-camp drama Tigerland premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, Irishman Farrell’s star turn as cocky nonconformist Roland Bozz won the hearts and minds of critics and journalists.
How He Got the Part After meeting the director briefly in London, Farrell sent Schumacher an audition tape shot by his sister. It got him a callback in L.A.
Previous Jobs A recurring role in the British TV series Ballykissangel.
What Fame Has Brought Wariness of photographers: ”I’ve been warned by publicists, ‘They’ll try and get yer shirt off and turn y’into a f—in’ Abercrombie & Fitch poster.”’
What’s Next Gunslinging as Jesse James in American Outlaws; reteaming with Schumacher in the thriller Phone Booth; and starring opposite Bruce Willis in the WWII drama Hart’s War.
After That? ”Dunno,” says Farrell. ”I’m just tryin’ to find what me flavor is.”