EW?s alternative nominations for 2000 -- We present to you our own categories and nomination for the hit websites of 2000

By Noah Robischon
Updated December 22, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

EW?s alternative nominations for 2000

Best Example Of Once Charmed, Twice Bitten By The Web
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (blairwitch.com)

Worst-Disguised Stalker Site
Society for Future Husbands of Britney Spears (sfhbs.com)

Best Reason To Lose Your Job
The Sims

Worst Celebrity Hubris
Madonna’s and Julia Roberts’ domain-name copyright lawsuits

Worst Net-Related Movie Denouement
Leo DiCaprio checking his e-mail in The Beach

Worst Net-Related TV Show

Best Reason To Stay Single
Tom Arnold’s plea for lifelong companionship on marrytom.com

Best Online Tension Tamers
Shoot Mahir (newgrounds.com/assassin/mahir); Smash Regis (smash regis.com)

Best Reason To Give Up On Modern Civilization And Embrace Savagery
Am I Hot or Not? (amihotornot.com)

Worst Pokemon/Net Crossbreeding Attempt

Best Candidate For E! True Hollywood Story
Pets.com Sock Puppet

Best Underground Fanboy Feud
Harry Knowles versus all the other movie spies