Celebrity illnesses -- A look at how and what made stars like Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and more ''sick''

By Erin Podolsky
Updated December 22, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Exhaustion. Infection. Rancid shellfish. Sure, stars fall ill just like you and me. But the rich and famous seem especially susceptible to nonspecific afflictions or those of an ”undisclosed nature.” Over the past year a slew of divas and diva wannabes reported being under the weather, skipping concert dates and TV gigs galore. Here, a look at a few celeb health records. Our Rx for 2001: Forget the multimillion-dollar deals and massive entourages. Instead, get these people a nice batch of chicken soup.

Lisa Nicole Carson
Disease Hospitalized for ”exhaustion” in January
Skips Appearances on the Ally McBeal set
Dish At the time, Carson was not too exhausted to allegedly talk to The Star and tell the tabloid ”I’m a superbad bitch.”

Mariah Carey
Disease Hospitalized in April for ”dehydration and food poisoning”
Skips Concert date at Boston’s Fleet Center (it was rescheduled the following week)
Dish A rep for the songstress blamed the sudden sickness on a bad batch of oysters.

Celine Dion
Disease Hospitalized in May for two operations then reported to be ”of an undisclosed nature”
Skips Declined an invitation to sing at the funeral of French-Canadian hockey star Maurice Richard Dish On June 9 Dion announced she was pregnant — thanks to fertility treatments.

Whitney Houston
Disease Taken unexpectedly ill in March while rehearsing for the Oscar telecast
Skips She’s scratched from the roster of singers performing on the big night.
Dish Whispers around town said that Houston lost her slot because she flubbed the lyrics to ”Over the Rainbow.” An Oscar rep was quoted as saying, ”The poor lady couldn’t sing. Her throat was in trouble.”

Melanie Griffith
Disease Voluntarily checked into a hospital so that she could ”step down” from painkillers
Skips A taping of ABC’s The View
Dish Her ”steps” up the rehab staircase — all 12 of them — are chronicled by Griffith herself on ”melaniegriffith.com”.