Charles Schulz, Nancy Marchand, and other greats are remembered on these websites

By Ann Limpert
Updated December 15, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

They may have passed in 2000, but their Web pages and sites — or those dedicated to their memory — live on.

Veteran character actor Marchand made a lasting impression when she starred in one of the Mob’s biggest hits yet, HBO’s The Sopranos. You can relive the matriarch’s golden moments with a few WAV files on her page, but unfortunately there’s not much else about her at this otherwise reliable fan site. C-

Varney’s kooky alter ego, Ernest, was inept in many memorable ways. He even bungled Christmas. Now, behaving as oddly as ever, he has overtaken the Web. Play the Pop-a-Zit game, buy his films (or a Warhol-like T-shirt), watch his ads. Even the cursor is a trail of floating Ernest-heads. A-

Learn all about the cartoonist behind Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang at this heavily biographical site maintained by a teen fan. Here you’ll discover many little-known facts about Schulz and his 50-year-old Peanuts strip — for example, that he originally wanted to call it Lil Folks. A-

R&B singer Hawkins left quite a legacy, as evidenced by this site, which details his life and offers posts from folks who claim to be among the dozens of children he fathered (about 75, he claimed). View video clips and tons of photos of the proud papa, and read through remembrances penned by friends and fans. B+

With a film and television career spanning nearly seven decades (she won an Oscar for 1947’s The Farmer’s Daughter), this sultry Hollywood beauty is remembered with a shrine featuring everything from photos and press clips to browser skins and stationery templates. B+

RICHARD FARNSWORTH (www.letter farnsworth_picture_page.htm)
This 2000 Academy Award nominee for Best Actor is remembered through film stills not from The Straight Story, but rather from only four of the dozens of pictures in which he acted — Tom Horn and Misery among them — or did stunt work. Part of the Avonlea Lives Forever website (Farnsworth played a guardian in the 1986 TV movie Anne of Green Gables), the page hardly shows this cowboy’s range. C

This straightforward collection of the hip-hopper’s lyrics includes tracks off his two full-length albums — among them, ”Fast Money” and, of course, the ubiquitous ”Still Not a Player.” B

Though you’ll have to wade through cluttered text to get there, DPS helps to clarify rumors (yes, Mayim Bialik and Abe Vigoda are still with us) about who’s alive and who’s not. It’s a comprehensive site and therefore a reliable first place to go when you’re curious about the lives of celebs who have gone to the big stage in the sky. B