Marvel's financial ups and downs -- ''X-Men'''s Stan Lee Media had a rough week on Wall Street

By Brian M. Raftery
Updated December 15, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Marvel’s financial ups and downs

It was a week as unstable as archvillain Magneto. On Nov. 28, the stock of Stan Lee Media — the multimedia firm founded by Stan Lee, creator of Marvel heroes like X-Men and Spider-Man — hit an all-time low, $1.75, well below its high of $27.66 last February and 79 percent off its early-November value. Analysts were stumped: ”It’s nothing I can figure out,” says Jeffrey Pittsburg of Pittsburg Institutional. (Two days later, the company announced it had secured $2.2 million in financing, an apparently unrelated move that halted the NASDAQ-traded stock’s slide.) Still, comic fans have some theories: ”Blame Lex Luthor,” says Joe Yanarella of Wizard: The Comics Magazine. ”Superman’s nemesis and DC’s biggest villain would love to get back at a Marvel legend.”