Dungeons and Dragons -- With a film version out in theaters, the role-playing game's creator Gary Gygax has come out of retirement

By Glenn Gaslin
Updated December 15, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Dungeons and Dragons

The great geek god Gary Gygax has risen! The man who cocreated the basement-dweller pastime Dungeons & Dragons 28 years ago is back in the earthly realm. With a new version of the classic game in stores and New Line releasing a D&D movie Dec. 8, EW checked in with the wondrous wizard. Gygax, 62, who lives in Lake Geneva, Wis., has been busy online for the past few years winning fans for a new game — Gary Gygax’s Lejendary Adventure (hekaforge.com) — which he unleashed in May. Surprise: After designing the game for online play, the master sent it back to the Dark Ages: You play Lejendary Adventure the way you played D&D in ’72 — with dense rule books, multi-configured dice, and graph paper. ”The intimate experience is still going to be the face-to-face game,” says Gygax, who estimates Adventure fans at 25,000. The complexities of, say, an elf arguing with an orc are still best worked out by human minds. ”One day,” he declares, ”machine intelligence will be able to handle that.”

Dungeons & Dragons

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