News from the set of ''A.I.'' -- Stephen Spielberg allows a webcam in the bagel cart after keeping the shooting of his new film under wraps for months

By Noah Robischon
Updated December 08, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
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News from the set of ”A.I.”

Why do bagels have a hole? To make room for the video camera — at least on the top secret set of Steven Spielberg’s A.I. As a tribute to the late closed-set king Stanley Kubrick, who originally planned to direct this story of a robotic boy, the Long Beach, Calif., set was entirely sequestered. But during the shoot’s final days last month, security was breached — by a live webcam in the craft-services truck.

This ”bagel-cam” came courtesy of Spielberg and (the remnants of the defunct DreamWorks/ The director stopped by daily to wave or hold up a sign for his kids; he even posted a cream cheesy note online: ”I hope our bagel-cam project will inspire more live interaction between Hollywood and the audience it depends on — you!”

Costumed stars like Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, and Frances O’Connor were barred from the spread, but the crew and stand-ins couldn’t get enough. ”After 13 weeks in the bubble, it was nice to be in touch with the outside world,” said one A.I.-er. ”We all must’ve gained 15 pounds.”


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