EW's publisher talks about Jim Seymore, the managing editor

By Michael J. Klingensmith
Updated December 08, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Letter from the publisher

We’ve always known that Managing Editor Jim Seymore is pretty terrific at what he does. In a word, Jim is Entertainment Weekly‘s ”host.” He’s the guy who’s ultimately responsible for seeing to it that your weekly visit to this magazine is an enjoyable one.

And apparently Jim’s doing just fine, because more and more readers like you are coming to EW every week — a fact that pleases us no end. Circulation growth is a very good thing in our business, and Entertainment Weekly is seeing plenty of it.

But there’s more good news about your host and this magazine that I wanted to share with you. Last week the media world officially recognized Jim’s talents. Adweek, a leading journal of the advertising and publishing industries, named Jim Seymore 1991’s Editor of the Year and placed EW 4th in its annual ranking of the 10 hottest magazines in America.

These are wonderful honors (and achievements) for a magazine that just celebrated its second birthday on Feb. 16. Naturally we’re thrilled, and we’re especially happy that Jim received this well-deserved tribute.

Now if this were an acceptance speech we’d be thanking everyone involved. But first and foremost we want to thank all of you, our readers. Without the support you’ve given to Entertainment Weekly, very little of the success we are now enjoying would be possible.

So whether you’ve been with us from the start or recently joined us, stick around-and tell your friends. Because the fun here at Jim’s house has really just begun.