EW.com is there as Christina dazzles, Flea apologizes, and No Doubt bares almost all

By William Keck
Updated December 06, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Aguilera: Steve Granitz/Retna

Backstage at last Thursday’s My VH1 Music Awards, host John Leguizamo admitted he was captivated by Christina Aguilera’s revealing ensemble. ”I was admiring what Christina wasn’t wearing,” Leguizamo told EW.com, then explained the reason behind his occasional on camera distractions: ”Christina kept grabbing my ass all night. I couldn’t concentrate.” In your dreams, John.

There’s actually a better explanation for Leguizamo’s frenzied performance: His girlfriend was due to deliver their child at any moment. In fact, the last thing he shouted before leaving L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium in his limo: ”I’ve got to go have a baby.” Leguizamo confided that the pregnancy has given his girlfriend a booty to compete with Jennifer Lopez and Lil’ Kim. Even so, he was surprised that Kim’s backside was left off the Best Booty Shake nomination list — a category that created much backstage chatter.

Presenter Rob Lowe, for one, described in simple terms what makes for a great booty shake: ”The booty must be aesthetically pleasing.” Asked if his own qualified, the ”West Wing” star said, ”I’ll leave that for others to decide.”

Meanwhile, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea explained why he spat repeatedly after the band was awarded the Pushing the Envelope Video Award for ”Californication”: ”I was trying to be as cool as either Kurt Cobain or any one of the Sex Pistols.” But he later had some regrets about his spontaneous outburst. ”I asked my manager afterwards, ‘Did I make a jerk out of myself by spitting into the camera?’ I’m afraid I acted like a little brat.” In fact, Flea said he felt so badly about his stunt that he apologized to the cameraman. ”I just hope my daughter won’t get a hard time at school.”