Fishnets -- ''Sex and the City'''s Sarah Jessica Parker and ''Ally McBeal'''s Calista Flockhart are sporting the holey hose

By Megan Quitkin
Updated December 01, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Once worn almost exclusively by ladies of questionable reputation (like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman), fishnets are being reeled in by fashion houses. After countless seasons of bare legs, Gucci, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kenneth Cole had models wear fishnets during recent collections. Since then, there’s been a run on the legwear at Club Monaco’s New York City stores. Fishy fans include James King, Shirley Manson, and Kelis, as well as Cameron Diaz, Kelly Preston, and Courtney Love, who all wore the hose to the Charlie’s Angels L.A. premiere. Stylists love the look on great gams — Sarah Jessica Parker sported them on Sex and the City and Calista Flockhart on Ally McBeal — but fashionistas say most women can pull them off, er, on. ”They’re perfect with a denim skirt or jeans and stilettos,” says Club Monaco’s Andrea Werner. ”Fishnets look great on anyone with a sense of style.” Just remember: It’s easy to get hooked.