Plus, Lenny Kravitz is questioned by police, John Travolta will pay back taxes, David Blaine thaws, and more

By Craig Seymour
Updated November 30, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
Spade: Chris Haston

DON’T ‘SHOOT’ Comedian David Spade (”Just Shoot Me”) was attacked with a stun gun in an alleged robbery attempt by his 29 year old personal assistant David Molloy, according to the Associated Press. Spade sustained minor injuries and was treated by paramedics at his Los Angeles home, where the incident occurred. Molloy was later arrested and charged with suspicion of burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault with a stun gun.

WHO, ME? Retrorocker Lenny Kravitz was handcuffed, searched for weapons, and questioned by Miami police last Friday after being mistaken for a bank robbery suspect. According to Rolling Stone, Kravitz was taking a walk with his gym trainer during a recording break when he was approached by a police officer who thought he fit the description of the suspect, which was ”an unshaven black man wearing green pants.” Police detained the music man for 15 minutes until a bank teller, who witnessed the robbery, came down to the scene and said that Kravitz was the wrong guy. In a related note, Kravitz was also unable to get a cab to take him back to the studio.

THE ICEMAN THAWETH Illusionist David Blaine emerged from his 62 hour stay in a six ton block of ice last night. The good news: Despite some badly swollen ankles, he seems to no worse for the wear. The bad news: ”Frozen in Time,” his deicing special on ABC, was bested in the ratings by a new episode of NBC’s ”Law & Order.”

‘NUMBERS’ UP John Travolta has agreed to pay $607,400 in federal back taxes in a compromise settlement filed in U.S. tax court. The feds had claimed that the star of the recent flop ”Lucky Numbers” owned $1.1 million in back taxes for 1993 to 1995.

RUFF STUFF Snoop Dogg’s forthcoming album, ”The Last Meal,” has been posted in its entirety on the website for his former label Death Row Records. This is yet another example of the bad blood between Snoop, who currently records for Master P.’s No Limit label, and Death Row, which recently put out the ominously titled ”Dead Man Walking,” a collection of some of Snoops’ previously unreleased material.

CASTING Eddie Murphy is in negotiations to reteam with his ”Dr. Dolittle” director Betty Thomas for ”I Spy,” a film that will be loosely based on the ’60s NBC series…. Candice Bergen and Rob Lowe will fly the friendly skies with Gwyneth Paltrow in ”A View From the Top,” about an ambitious flight attendant played by Paltrow.? Oliver Platt, who’s out of a day job now that his NBC show ”Deadline” was axed, is in negotiations to play opposite Michael Douglas in the thriller ”Don’t Say a Word.” Just as long as Platt’s not pretending to be writing words again.

TV NEWS The Fox network has commissioned a pilot script based on ”Zombie College,” an animated series about a school for the living dead that currently runs on the Web entertainment site This marks the first time a major network has optioned a made for the net show…. The WB is developing a game show, to air around Valentine’s Day, where couples compete for a dream wedding and honeymoon. The show is based on the popular European program ”Love Letters.” We’re holding out for a reality show where embittered divorced couples fight over their surly kids: ”Who Gets to Live With These Brats!”