The ''Rugrats in Paris'' soundtrack -- The children's film includes Donna Summer's oddly adult ''Bad Girls''

By Ann Limpert
Updated November 24, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

The ”Rugrats in Paris” soundtrack

Coming soon to the multiplex: Rugrats in a Tijuana Bordello! Just joshing. But the kiddie caper Rugrats in Paris — The Movie does feature a bizarrely adult song. In the film, which just opened, cute li’l Angelica warbles Donna Summer’s 1979 paean to prostitution ”Bad Girls.” Luckily for your Tipper Gore types, the tune’s been cleaned up just a tad. Gone is the line ”Your mama won’t like it when she finds out that her girl is out at night… street walkin.”’ Likewise, the lyrics ”Mister, do you want to spend some time” have morphed into ”Hey! Give me that candy! It’s mine!” Summer was unavailable for comment, but Rugrats exec producer Albie Hecht says the song — also belted out by the Angelica doll — was okayed because ”9 out of 10 parents think the song is about a naughty girl. Well, Angelica’s our bad girl…. I always thought of her as up there with Madonna.” So will an Angelica cover of ”Erotica” be next? Says Hecht, ”She’s got to go to pre-school first.”