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By EW Staff
Updated November 24, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

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Mail from our readers

Order in the court! Ally McBeal newcomer Robert Downey Jr.’s cover appearance had some readers crying mistrial. ”How about non-white, non-famous drug users who are still in lockdown?” objects Natalie Angier of Takoma Park, Md. ”[Will we] get a cover story on them, too?” But Kathleen Lynch of Middletown, Calif., is happy to see the star’s return. ”Talk about a shot of adrenaline for the show,” she says. ”Downey’s got class, talent, and manliness.” Speaking of manly additions, Robert Patrick already has X-Files fans swooning. ”Thanks [to Patrick] for injecting some lifeblood into this series,” says Jolee Patkai of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Adrenaline… blood…injections — all this needle talk is making us queasy!

Thank you for a great article (”The Ups and Downey of Ally McBeal”)! Although I’ve been an avid Ally fan for several years, I’ll admit I had become quite jaded and stopped watching after they killed off Gil Bellows’ character last season. It really felt as though the show was losing its Midas touch — it just didn’t feel fun anymore. But the addition of the charismatic Robert Downey Jr., along with a healthy blast of quirky plot moves, and I’m hooked all over again! I’m looking forward to another season of neurotic bliss!
Shannan McMillen
Fort Lauderdale

Is it just me or is anyone else in the ”real world” baffled by the never-ending adulation for Robert Downey Jr.? Yeah, he can act. But so can about 100 other young actors. Yet somehow, Robert Downey Jr. still has to ease into the ”increasing stream of movie role offers [that await him].” No wonder he had trouble getting off drugs. He lives in a world where there are no consequences for your actions. The saddest part is that he’s so happy that his son is finally going to see him ”play a good guy” in Ally McBeal. Apparently, he hasn’t realized that he can play a ”good guy” in real life.
Crista Finn
Peru, N.Y.

I love when you guys do a theater section. I live in Dallas but go to Broadway shows once a year. Your story on Seussical, The Rocky Horror Show, and The Full Monty (”All the Stages Awhirl”) was the best thing in the magazine! Daphne Rubin-Vega or the hunky guys from The Full Monty would have been [better] than the has-been and oh-so-over X-Files cover mention.
John Garcia

Patrick Pacheco’s tribute to the late Gwen Verdon was the written equivalent of a 21-high-kick salute to the esteemed dancer-actress who was to the Broadway stage what Lucille Ball was to television.
Tracye Q. Bush
Williamstown, W.Va.

I am so grateful that you paid tribute to the late Gwen Verdon. She was truly a legend in the theater community and a gracious, kind person. Gwen was one of a kind and she won’t soon be forgotten. Thanks for making her star shine brighter.
Ryan Donovan
New York City

  • Before I got this issue, I was on the fence on whether I would come back to The X-Files this season. After reading your review, I will undoubtedly tune in for all the conspiracies, chemistry, and alien abductions. Thanks for helping find the truth out there.
  • John Perez
  • Simi Valley, Calif.

No magazine has stayed as loyal to The X-Files as yours has and I want to thank you for it. Your previous article (with Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick on the cover) was a little wary, as most of the fans are, about the new season. It was with great relief that I read your review on the season 8 premiere. As a sign of faith I immediately added my first picture of Robert Patrick, the very one from this recent review, to my X-Files montage wall. Thanks, EW, here’s hoping for a great new season.
Kristina Sanchez
Orange, Calif.

David Browne’s rousing review gives all [due] credit to U2 and their new album. What confuses me is the cover for this week. Why feature the flimsy couple with the shallow content over a band that is carrying rock & roll and preserving its essence? Redeem yourself!
Michael Jankowski
Canton, Mass.

Regarding the Shaw Report: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is five minutes ago? Oh, Jessica. There’s just no excuse.
Bianca Marquez
Los Angeles

Clarification: The Apple iBook computer shown on the cover of November’s ”EW Internet” supplement (EW #568) was digitally altered to appear far smaller than actual size. EW regrets any misunderstanding.

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