Their new sitcom mocks our new Commander in Chief -- whoever that is

By Dan Snierson
Updated November 21, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Credit: Parker and Stone: Sam Levi/Retna

All this presidential election nonsense may have us on the verge of a constitutional crisis (at least at press time), but what we want to know is: What does this mean for Matt Stone and Trey Parker?s new sitcom? The "South Park" creators have been trying to base their upcoming Comedy Central series (tentatively titled "Family First" and set to debut in late February) on whoever the next White House occupants will be. In an effort to serve the will of the people, here?s a nonpartisan Q&A with the duo.

This "oops, we have no leader" thing has mucked up your plans, no?
PARKER It?s funny; during the middle of [Election Day], when it looked like it was Gore, we started talking about, "Okay, the show is this." And all of a sudden it was like, "Bush is president. Okay, we gotta focus on this." Now, we?re even thinking of changing the title to "Kinda President." [Sings fake theme song] He?s kinda president! He?s kinda in charge!
STONE I think they should be copresidents — share the office and chair. The phone?ll ring and it?s like, "It?s for youuu!"

Are you going to be mercilessly mocking sitcom conventions, casting a kooky secretary of state and things like that?
PARKER Absolutely. To the point that we ordered these books on how to write sitcoms. And it?s like, "Here?s the formula. You need this character. You?ve got to do an episode called "Trapped in a Small Space." On "Friends," it was a broom closet." I was literally just plugging them in.

You realize you?ll probably never get invited to the White House…
STONE That?s why we took our White House tour about four months ago.
PARKER Our producer friend who got us in said, "Don?t tell them we?re doing a show!" But then we asked them really weird questions like, "Let?s say there was a crack baby in the White House…. Where could it live? Is there an elevator that they can get trapped in?"

Who?s your dream guest star?
PARKER We want to get Saddam Hussein. That?s what we want to do: go get other political leaders of small countries that don?t have a lot of money and pay them a lot of money to appear on our show.
STONE That?s a great idea. And then they get farted on by the president and stuff.
PARKER and STONE [Laughter]