Backstreet Boys fashion -- The ''Shape of My Heart'' group unveiled a new look on ''TRL''

By Nicholas Fonseca
November 17, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Backstreet Boys fashion

With their third album in stores next week, the Backstreet Boys unveiled a new look on TRL and in their new video, ”Shape of My Heart.” EW chatted up band stylist Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig — who says ”the days of matchy-matchy” are over — to go behind the sartorial switch.

”He looks the best he’s ever looked,” sighs Rosenzweig. ”He’s got a little bit of that Beatles hair… a bit of a shag.” Expect Kevin’s new look to include plenty of distressed leather and — trend alert! — vintage tees.

The member with the most piercings amps up his rebel look with more shades (Oliver Peoples is a personal fave), more sleeveless shirts, and more hats. ”He changes [hair] color every week or so,” laughs Rosenzweig. ”I think it was red the last time I saw him.”

”It was time for Howie to change his look completely,” Rosenzweig says. And he did: His once slicked-back hair now hangs straight and parted down the middle. Look for peasant shirts, low-slung vintage jeans, and what she calls an ”ethnic-y/Mohican vibe.”

Long corduroy toppers, turtlenecks, and a lot of denim exude what Rosenzweig calls ”preppy British rock star.” The young’un also lost his spiky hair, going for a ”messy, unstyled” mane that ”makes his features more defined.”

Not much change for the stylistically conservative crooner. ”His priority is comfort,” says Rosenzweig, who dresses him in patchwork leather, plaids, and cashmere sweaters. When he wants to go edgy, the Boy they call B-Rok opts for a label called D Squared.