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Updated November 14, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
Tim Meadows, The Ladies Man
Credit: Marni Grossman
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”The history, both good and bad, can be very intimidating,” admits director Hudlin (”House Party,” ”Boomerang”), referring to the feature films that have been derived from ”Saturday Night Live” skits. ”You could have a ‘Wayne’s World’ or you could end up with… something else.” ”Stuart Saves His Family” perhaps? Or maybe ”It’s Pat: The Movie”? The world may not need another big screen interpretation of late night sketch comedy, but then, the world hasn’t seen Meadows do the movie thang before. The nine season ”SNL” vet plays Leon Phelps, a dim witted ’70s era womanizer who dishes out inappropriate advice on matters of love during his funkadelic late night radio talk show.

The movie follows the jive talker on a quest for the perfect woman. Why’d it take Meadows so long to get a movie of his own? ”It’s a matter of the ‘SNL’ character and which one Lorne [Michaels, the ”SNL” producer] thinks is ready for the big time,” admits Hudlin, who adds that Meadows’ timing couldn’t be better. ”It feels perfect for right now. It’s a little ”Austin Powers,” a little ”Scary Movie.” People are really going to respond to this.” GOOD SIGN Tim Meadows is more than ready for prime time (in fact, he’ll costar in NBC’s new Michael Richards sitcom this fall). THEN AGAIN Didn’t they say that about Tim Kazurinsky?

The Ladies Man

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  • 84 minutes
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