Dr. T & the Women

Gere plays the overbooked gynecologist of choice for Dallas’ social elite. If only the many women in his life — including his champagne swigging sister-in-law (Laura Dern), his overly devoted nurse (Shelley Long), and his rah-rah daughter (Kate Hudson) — would leave him alone long enough, he could enjoy a proper midlife crisis. ”It’s a movie about chaos,” Altman says. ”It might feel a little over the top, but it’s not such a stretch from real life.” Not at all.

Farrah Fawcett plays Gere’s loopy wife in a way that may remind some of a certain ”Letterman” appearance. In one scene, she strips naked and dances in a fountain. ”It’s really her,” Altman says of the scene shot at 4 a.m. in a Dallas shopping mall. ”We did everything we could to make Farrah comfortable, although it’s difficult being naked in front of 300 people.” GOOD SIGN Altman’s still braving new cinematic waters. THEN AGAIN Preview audiences have complained the plot’s too far-fetched.

Dr. T & the Women

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