By EW Staff
Updated November 14, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Darren Michaels

Those bikini clad crime fighters from the jiggliest TV series of the Jiggle Decade are finally bouncing their way onto the big screen. But after 20 years, is America still willing to be touched by an ”Angel”? ”We wanted to capture the magic of the original,” says music video vet McG of his first foray into feature films. ”So we’ll have scenes with Angels walking out of the water in wet suits and stuff like that.” But the filmmakers also wanted to update the characters, making the heroines into more modern women. ”Smart, sexy, athletic,” McG says. ”Sort of like the U.S. women’s soccer team.”

The sometimes campy, always curvy plot: The trio must thwart an assassination attempt against Charlie, the Angels’ heard but never seen boss (John Forsythe, reprising his voice-over from the TV show), and save the world from an evil mastermind (Tim Curry) threatening to unleash the ultimate in privacy invading computer software. Judging from the trailer — and the film’s estimated $90 million price tag — there’ll be almost as many high powered explosions on screen as there were rumored off screen.

Along with reports of massive rewrites and last minute reshoots, gossip surfaced from the start of fierce ”creative differences” among the cast, particularly between Liu and Murray (who plays Charlie’s assistant, Bosley). At one point, their disagreements reportedly grew so heated that Murray stormed off the set.

”No, none of that is true,” insists Liu, a.k.a. Alex Munday, the techno geek Angel. ”There were the normal disagreements between creative people — about wardrobe and stuff like that — but nobody walked off. We got along fine.” GOOD SIGN Killer cast, terrific trailer, and that ”walking out of the water in a wet suit” scene. What’s not to love? THEN AGAIN For $90 million, these Angels should be walking ON the water.

Charlie's Angels

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