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Bedazzled (2000 movie)

It’s not every actor who can pull off playing a computer geek, a rock star, a genius, a drug lord, and a 7’9” basketball pro — all in the same movie. But that’s exactly what Fraser manages to do in ”Bedazzled,” a devilish comedy in which a computer techie sells his soul to Satan (Hurley) for seven wishes, all of which revolve around his dream girl (”Mansfield Park”’s O’Connor). ”Every time Brendan made a new wish, it was like we were making a new movie,” says Ramis (”Groundhog Day”), who also cowrote the script, an update of the 1967 farce starring Dudley Moore. Each of Fraser’s incarnations called for elaborate makeup and costume changes, some requiring four hours of preparation.

”It was easy to get into character,” says Fraser, who donned prosthetics for some of the roles, ”because I actually had to get into the characters.” His most extreme stretch was the giant B-ball all-star. ”It’s an optical illusion,” says the 6’3” actor. ”None of the actors on the court with me could be taller than 5’8”.” Psychologically, the toughest might have been the geek: ”I had to wear one of those ’80s Members Only jackets.” The devil, on the other hand, was much better dressed. ”Elizabeth turned everybody’s head,” Fraser says. ”Especially mine.” GOOD SIGN Hurley with horns and a tail sure sounds tempting. THEN AGAIN The release date WAS pushed back, not usually a positive thing.

Bedazzled (2000 movie)
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