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Updated November 14, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
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After giving comedy a rest with the football drama ”Any Given Sunday,” Foxx returns to more familiar turf as a petty crook sprung by the feds to lure a gold thief out of hiding; Warner Bros. hopes audiences will also be tempted, especially since Martin Lawrence’s similar ”Blue Streak” grossed $68 million last year. ”I liked it because it had Fuqua, who is an African-American director who really does his thing,” says Foxx of ”Bait.” ”[Fuqua] got on the project late, and there were pressures from everywhere, but he really did the job.” Part of that job was tapping Elise (”Beloved”) to play Foxx’s foxy girlfriend and ”The Green Mile”’s Morse as the cranky G man assigned to tail him around New York.

”A thriller with some comedy sprinkled on top” is how Foxx describes it. ”Sort of like ’48 HRS.’ meets ‘Enemy of the State.’ It’s got more dialogue than I’m used to, but it’s also got a lot more action.” With a budget under $40 million, though, don’t expect Will Smith-size pyrotechnics. ”No airplane crashes or anything,” says Fuqua, who got maximum mayhem for minimal bucks in 1998’s ”The Replacement Killers.” ”But we do have car chases, trucks, even horses. And I made Jamie do a lot of running. I made him run all over Toronto. Usually in the freezing cold. And I never let him wear a jacket.” GOOD SIGN Foxx knows funny. THEN AGAIN What we’re really waiting for is his next dramatic role.


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