Star sites -- Eminem, Ben Affleck, and other celebrities net profits from their web domains

By Harold Goldberg
Updated November 10, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Want to own cool stuff sold by celebs? Last we looked, none were holding yard sales, and the likelihood of finding Leo DiCaprio’s name in a classified is, well, zilch. Now you can go straight to the sites of America’s leading pop-cult luminaries and pick up a terrific trinket.

Ben Affleck’s ( com/centralsquare) the only star hawking autographed scripts ($19.99 for Good Will Hunting).

TV’s Frasier has a load of signed pics for sale. But he’s also cornered the market on Cheers collectibles, from shot glasses to Sam & Woody’s bar pack — including Bloody Mary mix.

The wildest thing for sale here? Dogtags (not even dawgtags!) for $9.99. Where are the vitriol-spewing Slim Shady action figures?

Innocent or no, Britney Spears ( proves she’s a girly-girl here. You’ll discover Britney combs etched with her autograph and logo-ridden handbags galore. But the coolest kitsch is a porcelain doll ($149.95), which is eerily lifelike.

Hers ( is the most fan-appreciative store, with sales and closeouts. Reduced 20 percent: Christina dolls that sing ”Genie in a Bottle” (now $31.99) and diamond-studded genie-bottle pendants ($60).

Not only do you get warm greetings penned by the Terminator ( himself, you can also participate in a monthly auction of movie items like autographed pics and DVDs. Pricey — but, hey, it goes to charity.

Recently, the singer-writer’s online newsletter offered a deep discount on her new book of poetry, Chasing Down the Dawn.

The official Lucas site is also the official Star Wars site ( While it’s easy to lose your way with the potpourri of licensed toys and gadgets, try to find the talking stand-up card for Jar Jar — it’s a keeper.

Now you can buy what rocks The Rock ( Or so you’d think. Pickings are slim, except for the cool foam championship belt ($16). You can’t even get The Rock’s best-selling tome here. Try WWF’s auction site ( for more neat stuff like signed plaques.

  • DO
  • Save time by searching for links at http://www.celebrity-fun. com/celebrity/celebrity.html.
  • DO
  • Send an e-mail to customer service before you buy — to see if they respond.
  • DO
  • Try another star if a celeb doesn’t have the item you want. Hundreds are hawking stuff.
  • DON’T
  • Shop for autographs on auction sites. It’s hard to tell if they’re faked.