A look at the new, PlayStation-2-equipped multimedia chamber that will spin your head

By Harold Goldberg
Updated November 10, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

”It’s tall, it’s big, it’s colorful, and it’s solid,” says entrepreneur J.C. Herz, a onetime videogame journalist, and what she’s describing isn’t Shaquille O’Neal but Media Mixer (joysticknation.com/mixer), a $70,000 high-tech pod that her company, Joystick Nation, has helped support.

Scheduled to be unveiled at Manhattan’s Henry Urbach Architecture gallery on Nov. 11 — and available for purchase in the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog — Mixer is Blade Runner for people who want to be left very, very much alone. The thing is basically a cement-mixing drum crammed to its seams with a dozen TV monitors, three digital-TV satellite dishes, two surveillance cameras, four high-end speakers, and a Sony PlayStation 2. The Media Mixer does what a cement mixer should — it rotates, slowly — and, in its artfully conceived way, it does dazzle. (Imagine your friends’ reactions when they find one of these in your den, eh?)

Says architect Giuseppe Lignano, who is the credited cocreator of Media Mixer: ”You feel like you’re in a cocoon but with access to all this media. And of course there is a bed for a couple to have sex.”

Is Media Mixer for every tech-savvy, digi-entertainment-addicted multimillionaire? ”Well, it requires a certain level of spousal approval,” admits Herz. And, at 3,000 pounds, one exceptionally sturdy floor.